Welcome to Anderson Development

Utah’s Largest Master Plan Developer

Welcome to Anderson Development

Utah’s Largest Master Plan Developer


Since 1990, Anderson Development has been Utah’s premier land developer, entitling over 3,500 residential units and over 6 million SF of retail/office space. AD specializes in assembling large tracts of land, master planning land, receiving governmental entitlements to develop land, developing off-site and back bone infrastructure, and marketing land to vertical developers for construction upon the land.

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AD Advantage

Mass Assemblage

AD has the financial backing and know how to assemble large tracks of land. The off-site infrastructure (i.e. water transmission/storage, sewer transmission/lift stations, collector roads) costs can often be financially overwhelming for property owners with less acreage. AD has the ability to put together large tracts of land to make it financially feasible to develop.


Anderson Development provides unique development-grade investment opportunities for its investors. Since 1990, our focus has been providing property secured high return investments. Our experience raising funds has given us an edge that allows us to adapt to an ever-changing market and provide an unmatched investment structure.


AD’s success in large is due to the reputation for being a strong activist for property rights and the ability to navigate the political avenues.

Our Projects

We invite you to look at several of our highlighted projects. You will be able to learn more about each development and an aerial view over the land.